Brief: Make a drink and drive poster for lounge bar. Without gory or grisly imagery.
Poster for Lighthouse 13


Viral Video Script

The script, which was for an animated viral video, was among the top 5 in the roarurwaytocannes contest:

Viral Video: Compromising Positions

1)      Open in an office. The clock shows 6.30; people are leaving.

2)      We see our guy patiently waiting in his cubicle, watching the office empty out.

3)      He gets up, looks both ways, and sneaks up his boss’s cabin. (We see the sign outside the room that says CEO)

4)      He presses his ear on the door. We hear sounds of heavy panting, physical movements and shaking.

5)      Our man’s now thinking. A thought blurb forms above his head; we see what he’s imagining.

6)      In the blurb we see the title, ‘Scenario 1’, and we see his boss, a middle-aged man, making out with a sex doll. Our man opens the door (in the blurb; he’s imagining), catches the boss unguarded and says, “Sir, I want a promotion.”

7)      The blurb disappears; our man smiles. The panting from inside the room gets louder.

8)      Again a blurb appears above his head. In it, we see the title ‘Scenario 2’. In the blurb we see the boss making out with the secretary. Our man opens the door and says, “Sir I want a promotion, and a bonus.”

9)      The blurb disappears; our man is grinning now. The panting is even louder.

10)  The blurb appears the third time. The title now says ‘Scenario 3′. In the blurb we now see the boss getting physical with a young man. Our man opens the door and says, “Sir I want a promotion, a bonus, and a company car.”

11)  The blurb disappears; our man is now grinning maniacally. The panting gets louder still.

12)  The man opens the door saying, “Sir, I want…’

13)  He now sees the boss all alone on a treadmill. We realize it’s the exercise that makes him pant.

14)  The boss says, “Ah, you’re still here. Good. Help me put the project together for tomorrow.”

15)  Super: There are better ways to get your dream job.



For Diwali gifts, all the client could manage were towels. (It was late, and sweetshops and chocolatiers refused to take orders.) How do we make the gift relevant to the brand? I wrote something, and it kind of worked.
Magic towel